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Windows Phone 8 .. almost there only if they get …

I am a Windows Phone 8 user since almost an year grabbed Lumia 920 to start with, love the platform UX/UI and have developed some apps for it too. Apps for WP8 by Me. There are some changes suggestions, i have for this platform, which if added can make it the perfect phone, and here i am talking about some very basic features, apps which may have alternatives but they are not the best… 1. Create a folder on the homepage. I always want to group a set of apps. Didn’t found anything for WP8 yet. 2. Notifications ? I hope GDR3 fixes that, but till its not there, i would add that to list. 3. Music: Playlist – Understand i can get some songs on storage of phone, but its really painful to create a playlist. And it drives me crazy that Apps like Spotify (with rating almost 3… Read the rest

WindowsVJ is now available on Windows Phone 8 platform too

Hi All, Recently i submitted an app at Windows Phone 8 store for WindowsVJ blog. And i am happy to share the app has been approved in three days time. WindowsVJ blog feed app for Windows Phone 8 grabs the RSS feed of and displays the most recent 20 articles. This App also features Text to speech, share on social network, live tile refresh, deep pinning features. Deep pinning is one feature which WP8 users will love too use. Here are some screenshots : App is available for download at… Read the rest

Facebook Home! Is it really a novel concept? Check out Windows Phone Home screen

In a recent announcement, Facebook showcased its new Android app suite, Facebook Home, as “a new way to organize the information on your phone.” Facebook home is like a customizable screen over your Android Phone where all your apps are interacted from the Facebook app. Facebook Home will transform Android’s home screen and lock screen, allowing users to perform Facebook activities like "like," comment and message right as they turn on their phones. To access other apps all you’ll need to do is swipe your finger. As Facebook says, they are putting people and information first and I was shocked to see reaction to this announcement over Internet. People appreciated Facebook and Mark for this ground breaking innovation. However, the people who have been in a habit of ignoring Microsoft and their products, ignored such feature which exists already in Windows Phone 8 since Oct 2012. Facebook Home Screen Windows… Read the rest