Windows Phone 8 .. almost there only if they get …

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I am a Windows Phone 8 user since almost an year grabbed Lumia 920 to start with, love the platform UX/UI and have developed some apps for it too. Apps for WP8 by Me.


There are some changes suggestions, i have for this platform, which if added can make it the perfect phone, and here i am talking about some very basic features, apps which may have alternatives but they are not the best…

1. Create a folder on the homepage. I always want to group a set of apps. Didn’t found anything for WP8 yet.

2. Notifications ? I hope GDR3 fixes that, but till its not there, i would add that to list.

3. Music: Playlist – Understand i can get some songs on storage of phone, but its really painful to create a playlist. And it drives me crazy that Apps like Spotify (with rating almost 3 of 5) are still being counted when it comes to music on WP8. Xbox Music, i admit its a nice improvement, but it needs to get a recommendation system plus playing the music on WP8 should be as easy as it is on web service for Xbox music. I am from India, love the hindi music, and there is a perfect web service for that, Saavan. It is also called Desi-Spotify but this is absent from the WP8 platform. India being major consumer for WP8, shouldn’t the WP8 team make efforts in this direction ? It will definitely please a lot of customers.

4. Ability to sort apps in WP8, pretty much same thing which Windows 8.1 offers now. when you have a couple of apps installed, its difficult to find the one you installed recently. Same case when you install bunch of apps at a go, its hard to find which one you just installed.

5. Default “Pin to taskbar” option when an app is installed would be an awesome feature and if it is added, this can take care of requirements in Point # 4.

6. Deal with it, People Tile is one of the most interesting feature, that is not living it to its potential. What’s the use of this ? just to see who changed their profile pic ? Really ? Would n’t it be nice if we can click on the people tab and it can take to profile of the specific person we tapped on ?

7. Speedy updates. Remember you have not just to match competitors but to surpass them. Have been hearing about GDR 2 since last 3 months not available on AT&T yet for Lumia 920, GDR 3 rumors are around the corner too. I hope with almost 25K Nokia employees this can be put on priority.

8. Hear customer voice. Do the same thing which Windows team did, heard from customer and incorporated the changes in the next version 8.1 which is very well received and appreciated even before the public availability.

9. File Manager. i need that badly. Although i have been learning to adjust with that, but why when it is provided by competitors. And this will sure enhance UX.

10. I NEED STATUS BAR (Liked by almost every other WP8 user) And under status bar, shortcut to turn on/off connections and Internet sharing. I have paid for extra Mobile data so many times because i forgot to turn off the data many times as it was not visible in status bar.

I have great expectations from GDR 2, GDR 3 with Kortona, only if they get them on time. Microsoft already knows they have a lot to catch, and they have seen a drastic change from Windows mobile to Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8. But every day delayed is dragging them behind. With rumors of Windows RT being integrated into Windows Phone devices, they may seek huge advantage too, but they need to hear what customers/consumers want plus they need to SHIP IT and ensure wireless carriers follow the same model of speedy updates.

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