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  1. Hello Vasu,

    In your PDF Document “Windows 7 Tips & Trics [Vasu Jain].pdf” the 2nd page seems to be blank… Please check on the same…

    This might be a very tiniest feedback, but still….

    Thank you so much…

    and the theme/design of the website is *********.. No words to explain.. awesome it is…

  2. I am running Windows 7 ultimate edition but lately it is not responding to applications. I have disabled all Services during boot-up and it works okay but since i have Oracle local servers installed i cannot use that option.
    How can i fix this slow responding issue? (3GB RAM, 250HDD)

  3. Amit i request you to post your query at forums. Here many experts can help you regarding the same.
    Meanwhile you can always use task manager to check which applications are consuming most of your resources. And you can enable a single app from “Msconfig” and disable all at startup. Also Viruses may slow down your Computer. Do mention your antivirus status as well !

  4. Hi Vasu,

    Why dont you start hands on procedure on windows 7, windows srv 2008 R2 and other new technology through your (my favourite) blog regularly (R) regularly …. may be weekly or fortnightly for the new tech savvys, students, and learners (IT). Kindly consider my suggestion.



  5. Dear Sir,
    first of all I would li to thank you and well done for your book (tips and tricks)very very useful and interesting.
    Maybe you can help me pls.I have a laptop with win 7 home and a computer with win 7 ultimate.I have a problem to install Adobe Audition 3.I need this software because I use it to prepare programs for our national radio classik.I have tried to instal mamy times but without result although it is original.Can you help pls.

  6. Hi vasu
    This is siddharth. Hope u remember me. just need ur favour.Can u help me getting the php FFMPEG extension . I need to install it on windows.
    Making a website as a project for my final year.

    1. Hi Siddharth… Yeah i rem you. You could have mailed me instead. Let me know more about the extension you are asking. Never worked on it. Might arrange that for you

  7. I have paid the amount required to PayPal for the office 2010 tips & tricks e-book, but alas do not have the link for the download, please advise.

  8. Hello vasu,
    I am admin of blog, at first I apologize because without asking you first published your book about windows 7 article on my blog. because your books available for download on various sites. so if you do not allow for this publication, I will delete all your article about windows 7 on my blog. sorry for this delay, because I just read your attention on my blog. thanks very much

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    Best Regards

  10. As many of
    my friends said that you can help me
    so i want to know
    can you help me in making FUD 100%
    Its very high level thing if you
    dont know conferm it to ANKIT

  11. hello vasu jain g actually i want windows server 2008 tips n trics can you do it for me
    & i also joining your facebook accouant please reply me

  12. I am using a new Dell XPS 8300 Desktop running Windows 7 Professional, McAfee Security, and a Cisco Linksys 4200 Router. I am also using Apples MobileMe software to sync my PC with my iPhone 3G. However, when I try to sync MobilMe, it stops responding and I have to uninstall and reinstall MobilMe and iTunes. It then works for a brief while and then stops responding again. Also, there seems to be a conflict between either MobilMe or iTunes and the Dell software that controls ejecting a USB Flash drive or USB external drive. I get a message saying the drive is in use when trying to eject. Do you have any ideas on how to resolve these issues. Thanks for your help.

    1. Seems your PC security has been compromised.. Give a run to your Antivirus and see if something is figured out.

  13. hi dr… i am have trouble to log my computer because its admin password was forgotten to me, i believe you know some trips on to log computer without password registry edit. i wish you help me.. i am your faint on windows 7 tips & Tricks… i am waiting for your reply.

  14. Hi Vasu,

    I would like to give some feedbacks since you asked to inform you if we found any errors in Windows 7 Tips & Tricks ebook. =)

    1) The 2 page is empty, but I don’t know whether you did that on purpose or not. Personally, I think that’s not an error.
    2) Page 13, press Win+”3″ to open Windows Media Player, it might confuses some novice end user.

    That’s all from me but I’m not sure if someone reported that to you before.
    Anyway, you did a great job. XD

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  16. Via PayPal, I recently purchased your office 2010 book, but was not directed back to your website for download of product, which is usually done. Nor did I receive an email from you regarding my purchase. What is the problem??

  17. I recently purchased your office 2010 ebook via PayPal. After payment, I was not redirected back to your site for download of the product, which normally happens. Nor did I receive an email from you regarding my purchase. What is the problem?

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  19. Hi vasu.
    Your blog is very useful to me. i read ur windows 7 tips and tricks. I am using windows 7 home basic. I tried to change my log-on screen by following procedure as u mentioned in the material. but while copying my own image to C drive location it says TARGET FOLDER IS NOT AVAILABLE(C:\Windows\System32\oobe\info\Backgrounds). how can i overcome this problem. pls reply.

    G shankar

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