Download some of Nice apps & ebooks created by me & my friends

1. Windows 7: Tips & Tricks Ebook

Windows 7 : Tips& Tricks PDF Download Size : 5.8 MB

Windows 7 : Tips& Tricks XPS Size : 6.44 MB

2. Windows 7 Application Pandora Box [Beta]

Windows 7 Application Pandora Box Beta 2 EXE Download Size : 1MB

3. Windows 7 : MeraWindows Theme Pack

Download : MeraWindows Theme Pack by VJ

4. VJ Shutdown Timer

Download : VJSDT [578 KB]

5. Colorful Text Generator

Download : OrkutColorScrap

6. Office 2010 Beta Features PPT

Download :  Office2010 [Vasu Jain].pptx

15 thoughts on “Downloads”

    1. Do explore the blog more and you can find more helpful resources on Office 2010, Windows 7 etc. 🙂

  1. vasu sir ,
    i want to change the logon sound (sound at the time of login win.7).
    plz email me the tricks by wic i cn change it…..


  2. I also need a book same as Win 7 in Win XP.
    If you have than plz upload or give me link to download this kind of book for windows XP.
    Thanks & Regard,
    Kamran Yunas.

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