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Download free Halloween apps for iPhone & iPad

Halloween is around the corner, and the way technology has shaped our life in past few years, no wonder celebrating a holiday and having fun can be pretty much asked from your iDevice like iPhone or iPad. Here are few of iPhone/iPad apps you may try this Halloween. Few of these apps are free to try but few are available for as low as 1$. 1.) Halloween Soccer HD Everyone is afraid of evil forces, but nobody knows that soccer is the secret passion of them. On the eve of Halloween witches, warlocks, vampires and other undead creatures emerge from the woods and swamps in order to find out who will be the winner in the annual soccer championship. Download 2.) Angry Birds Halloween HD Angry Birds, has released a Halloween special edition for iPad with spooky night backgrounds, smashable pumpkins and grizzly sound effects. The game won’t scare the… Read the rest

Calculate your Income Tax Easily [Indian Users]

I felt a need to automate some calculations for testing while working with Income Tax return. To ease the things I made a tiny application known as Calculate your Tax Easy [CYTE]. Furnished it a bit more so that all others can take an advantage of the same app too. Note: This app is for calculation of Income Tax for India for the FY 2009-10 . Also, this app requires .net Framework 2.0 Min. Download : http://windowsvj.com/wpblog/downloads/CalculateTaxEasy.exe                     http://windowsvj.com/wpblog/downloads/CalculateTaxEasy.rar… Read the rest

VJ Appz : Mobile Number Tracker

http://bit.ly/eSjrad “Mobile Number Tracker” is a simple standalone utility that can help you find a few important information related to a Mobile Number. This utility takes input first four digit of any Mobile number (India Only) and tracks the Service operator as well as Service area. This not just narrows and shrinks the lookup but also helps in guessing the identity of the anonymous number but further reduces the time required to track it fully. Recently a friend of mine had a few anonymous calls and my friend seeked my help for the same . And thus the idea for a mobile Number Tracker germinated. MNT is a very simple & compact sized utility (346 kb) which does not require installation. Simply download and execute. Download Here :VJ Mobile Number Tracker Note : This application has been tested on Windows 7 – x64 and also works fine on x32 Architecture… Read the rest

Windows 7 Application Pandora Box [Beta] download

I am pleased to announce the Beta release of Windows 7 Application Pandora Box [Beta] for Windows 7 x86. Windows 7 APB can be used to easily access frequently used applications & features of windows 7.Windows 7 Application Pandora Box [Beta] has been tested on  Windows 7 – 32Bit  [64 Bit testing Remains]. Its a portable application and does not require installation.Simply download it and execute it,further this utility can be Pinned to your taskbar or as a shortcut to Start menu and you have a easy & faster access to Windows features & Applications . The collection of shortcuts in Windows 7 Application Pandora Box [Beta] includes following Shortcuts : Accessories – Calculator, Command Prompt, Math Input Panel, Mobility Center, Notepad, Paint, Snipping Tool, Sound Recorder, Sticky Notes, Sync Center, Windows Explorer,Wordpad. Programs – Character Map, Windows DVD Maker, Internet Explorer, Problem Screen Recorder, SQL server cient Network utility,… Read the rest

VJ Shutdown Timer

VJ shutdown timer is an application through which you can easily shutdown,restart your pc within time duration from 1 minute upto 12 hours.All you need to do is simply select the option and select the time after which you want to shutdown or restart your Machine. Additional Instantaneous Hibernate and Logoff functions are also available. Screenshot of the Application : Download Fully Functional Free Version of VJ Shutdown Timer for Windows 7 , XP / Vista, or any other Windows Operating System. Feel free to mail me any bugs,suggestions Download here : http://windowsvj.com/wpblog/downloads/VJSDT.exe [578 KB]… Read the rest