I am pleased to announce the Beta release of Windows 7 Application Pandora Box [Beta] for Windows 7 x86. Windows 7 APB can be used to easily access frequently used applications & features of windows 7.Windows 7 Application Pandora Box [Beta] has been tested onΒ  Windows 7 – 32BitΒ  [64 Bit testing Remains]. Its a portable application and does not require installation.Simply download it and execute it,further this utility can be Pinned to your taskbar or as a shortcut to Start menu and you have a easy & faster access to Windows features & Applications .


The collection of shortcuts in Windows 7 Application Pandora Box [Beta] includes following Shortcuts :

Accessories – Calculator, Command Prompt, Math Input Panel, Mobility Center, Notepad, Paint, Snipping Tool, Sound Recorder, Sticky Notes, Sync Center, Windows Explorer,Wordpad.

Programs – Character Map, Windows DVD Maker, Internet Explorer, Problem Screen Recorder, SQL server cient Network utility, Journal, Windows Fax and Scan, XPS Viewer.

Tools – Activate Windows, Directx Diagnostic tool, IEexpress Wizard, Phone Dialer, Windows Version, Volume Mixer, Remote Assistance, Windows Firewall, WinHelp, Windows Update.

Administrative Tools – UAC Settings, Group policy Editor, Registry editor, Event Viewer, System configuration, Add hardware Wizard, Local Security policy, Memory Diagnostic,Management Console, Task Manager, User Accounts, Optional Features.

System Tools – Control Panel, System Restore, Resource monitor, Task scheduker, Disk CleanUp, Disk defragmenter, Private Character editor, System Info.

System Properties – Advanced, Computername, Performance, Protection, Remote, hardware, DataExec Prevention.

Ease of Access – Magnify, On-Screen Keyboard, Narrator, Ease of Access Center .

Display – Color management, Display settings, Display color Calibaration, Clear type text Tuner.

This application is still in Beta phase. Any Beta Testers for Windows 7 -x64 & x-86 drop a mail to vasu@windowsvj.com.

Download : Windows 7 Application Pandora Box [Beta] EXE Size : 1.63 MB
Windows 7 Application Pandora Box [Beta] RAR Size : 0.93 MB

Beta 2 with x64 Support : Windows 7 Application Pandora Box Beta 2 EXE

Note : This application requires .Net Framework 4 Beta

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  1. The link to the 64 bits versions seems down…
    And shame the development is halted, I think it would certainly get covered by sites like Lifehacker πŸ˜‰

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