Halloween is around the corner, and the way technology has shaped our life in past few years, no wonder celebrating a holiday and having fun can be pretty much asked from your iDevice like iPhone or iPad.

Here are few of iPhone/iPad apps you may try this Halloween. Few of these apps are free to try but few are available for as low as 1$.

1.) Halloween Soccer HD

Everyone is afraid of evil forces, but nobody knows that soccer is the secret passion of them. On the eve of Halloween witches, warlocks, vampires and other undead creatures emerge from the woods and swamps in order to find out who will be the winner in the annual soccer championship. Download


2.) Angry Birds Halloween HD

Angry Birds, has released a Halloween special edition for iPad with spooky night backgrounds, smashable pumpkins and grizzly sound effects. The game won’t scare the hell out of you but is as fun and addictive as the original edition. Download



3.) ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier


Want to be able to recognize you family and friends after they’ve joined the undead? ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier can help you visualize what they might look like. Take a snapshot of someone and then tap the screen to have them instantly be transformed. Your 2D picture becomes a 3D animated, snarling, ravenous beast. Touch the screen and the zombie follows your finger. Get it close enough, and they’ll do their best to eat it! You can save the videos and share them through Twitter. Download 


4. Rocking Grim

An application based on a talking skeleton wearing a black gown along with a hood. One can download this app for free and see this latest character perform all his moves. Not just that, one can also talk to him and receive cool replies. Download


5. Halloween Card Creator

Create spooky fun Halloween cards and share them with your friends. Use Halloween Card Creator on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to design amazing cards with just a few swipes of your fingers. Download


Try them out and share which one is your fav in these.. and if you have some other fav, let us know we will share that as well.

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