mwt“Mobile Number Tracker” is a simple standalone utility that can help you find a few important information related to a Mobile Number. This utility takes input first four digit of any Mobile number (India Only) and tracks the Service operator as well as Service area. This not just narrows and shrinks the lookup but also helps in guessing the identity of the anonymous number but further reduces the time required to track it fully.

Recently a friend of mine had a few anonymous calls and my friend seeked my help for the same . And thus the idea for a mobile Number Tracker germinated.

MNT is a very simple & compact sized utility (346 kb) which does not require installation. Simply download and execute.


Download Here :VJ Mobile Number Tracker

Note : This application has been tested on Windows 7 – x64 and also works fine on x32 Architecture too. However if you find any bugs or issues or may want to provide Feedback, you may do it by clicking here : Feedback 4 MNT

Note 2 : This application works for tracking Mobile users in India only.

External Link @ DHM:  How to Block Stolen Mobile Phone by IMEI Number in India

14 thoughts on “VJ Appz : Mobile Number Tracker”

  1. Amazing application, VASU,

    9367- This reliance number belongs to Tamil Nadu but application shows Delhi

    Can u resolve please

  2. @ Shahnawaz .. Tx 4 pointing out.. updated…

    @mtArasu it was delhi as the label value was nt updating due to a small bug..its resolved now… tx 4 pointing the stuff

  3. @ Suraj Jain .. very true.. but that would eradicate the info of Service provider not the service location…

    Links Updated @Mtarasu @Shahnawaz

    1. Thanks Ankit. Yes Offline is always better than Online version. I created it for a friend who dint had consistent Net Connection. And yeah this one is developed in March 2010 so lagging some new series numbers starting from 8 & 7

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