Yahoo redesigned its home page.The company’s last home page redesign was more than a year ago, and earlier this year Yahoo began integrating third party content onto the site via their new Buzz product. For time being this page is not available by default you need to click on the leaf available at current yahoo page to check out the new page.

The new page combines what Yahoo calls “broadcasting” elements, which are the same news and resource links for everyone, with “narrowcasting,” which are highly customized home pages made popular by My Yahoo, iGoogle, Netvibes and others.A key addition is the introduction of third party services to the Yahoo home page. For now users can log into their Gmail or AOL Mail accounts and view emails right from Although things are going good at Microsoft –Yahoo end (they signed a contract few weeks back) still Yahoo has chosen to leave Microsoft out of the party.The change is limited to a small number of users in the U.S., UK, India and France.

Upcoming features that may be integrated into the home page over time may be Integration of news items on the home page from third party sources & soon-to-be-released “add application” function that lets users add apps to the left sidebar including widgets for YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook – all third party services.

Yahoo! now focuses on “all under one roof"” or “all under one homepage” strategy.

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