Yahoo has launched "Yahoo! Meme" which allows you to post text, photo, video, music on your own "Meme" page in a very similar fashion Twitter allows you to.You can have your own personal page here with the address as . You can follow others and vice versa also you can share whatever kind of content you publish or find in the web.

According to Meme team "Meme is where you share everything you find that’s interesting".Meme from Yahoo! hopes to be an efficient "memeplex". In other words, somewhere to multiply and distribute fragments of information. These fragments, or "memes", trvel from one person to another and survive through their own merits or circumstances.


Yahoo ! Meme have been launched in it’s initial stage, or what we call "alpha version", to a limited amount of users.Since it is in Alpha version Currently registrations are not open and you’ll need invitation from an existing "Meme" user to be able to create a new account.We got an invitation , so if you too want to test this new "Yahoo! Meme", comment this topic to get the invitation.

You can follow us at following link: Yahoo! Meme

Also you can send any feedbacks to Yahoo! Meme here.

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