A new Build 14.0.4514.1009 from Microsoft Office 2010 Beta branch has been leaked in the wild, and is now available for download. The most significant change in this leaked build is the new installation procedure for test versions of Office 2010 SKUs. Previously, setup used to ask for product keys after it has been initiated, but now, starting from Build 14.0.4514.1009, Office 2010 will ask you for a special unique installation product key before setup has even started.

Office 2010 Technical Preview and Beta 1 milestones were leaked earlier in July and August 2009 respectively. Although MS Office 2010 Beta is around the corner to hit in around 2-3 Weeks time.In November, along with the public Beta of Office 2010, Microsoft will also make available to the public a Beta development milestone of SharePoint Server 2010.

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