AllMyApps.com is a website that lets you create a list of all the applications you already have installed on your computer and saves that list so that you can re-install those apps at any time with just one click. If you’re formatting your PC in order to install a new OS, like say Windows 7 for example, a service like this could definitely come in handy as major timesaver. Allmyapps makes software installation a breeze. No matter how many applications you need, 1 click is all you need to have all your favorite applications installed on your PC.

Although AllMyApps.com won’t list any commercial software. That means you can’t include your Microsoft Office software or Adobe Photoshop in your list. You’ll still need to install those separately. as they are not free programs, so listing them here would be akin to privacy.

According to Allmyapps team With Allmyapps, installing software applications has become so easy that you’ll soon find yourself installing a lot of great new applications! Be prepared to enjoy your computer like never before!

Explore here : AllMyApps.com

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