Recently Mumbai User group of MeraWindows forums organized Windows 7 Launch Party. I was one of Guests over there.It was a nice experience and its the first time i met my friends from MeraWindows forum. Party Details & pics :

Party Details:

Venue : Boat Club, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Date : 24th Oct 2009

Timings : 7:00 P.M to 10:00 P.M.

Activities Planned:

  • Friends Welcome
  • Welcome Drink & Snacks
  • Overview about Windows 7
  • Hands on by Guests


DSC01816 [1024x768]DSC01799 [1024x768]

This is the Venue, Boat club @ Bandra (W). Welcome banner by MeraWindows. I was amongst the very first ones to reach the venue. And as expected the party started around 30-45 minutes late from the scheduled time. There were 3 consoles with Windows 7 with one being Touch screen. We had hands on Office 2010 BETA as well Microsoft Surface.

 DSC01805 [1024x768]DSC01812 [1024x768]

All those willing to check out Windows 7 could move to any of the console, it was 3 to all. Although a common word to all guests regarding Windows 7 would have been better (like the way done by Windows 7 Party @ Pilani by Ramesh Kumar).There were 2 drinks per person and there was a choice between Fosters or Softdrink. Event was sponsored by Intel.

  DSC01814 [1024x768]  DSC01811 [1024x768]

I met all MeraWindows Champs there that included Manan the host of party (, Rahul Manekari (, Hari Maurya ( and Jenil. Also there were many MVP’s, MumbaiIT Pro Members and many more techheads in the party.Overall a nice experience although it could be much better.

4 thoughts on “Windows 7 Launch Party : MeraWindows Mumbai User Group”

    1. It was Discussions over Windows 7 @ 3 consoles..ppl were gathered round it 2 feel Windows 7…and v guyz (all frm MeraWindows) felt bored for that..coz v cudnt found nethng new n interesting 🙂
      Still party was Fun.

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