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It gives me immense pleasure to Launch an Ebook on Windows 7.
The book is titled “Windows 7: Tips & Tricks” and as the name suggests its a compilation of one of the finest Tips n Tricks about Windows 7. You can use them to enrich the Windows 7 Desktop experience of yours. It contains more than 50 Tips and tricks and an added bonus section for Windows 7 Applications.


You can download the eBook for free from WindowsVJ.com.

Here is the link: Windows 7: Tips& Tricks PDF Download Size: 5.8 MB

Also, this Ebook is available in XPS format. Windows 7: Tips& Tricks XPS Size: 6.44 MB

Do provide your valuable comments in the Comments Section at WindowsVJ.com and if you like it please do share it with others as well by Re-Tweeting this

94 thoughts on “WindowsVJ Xclusive Release Windows 7: Tips & Tricks Ebook”

  1. Good yar u have done a lot of R N D for issuing the current version of this E-Book , it is really going to help all the new users of Windows 7 who are unaware of the utilities and benefits of using it…………..:)

  2. really nice book !
    i had read a few them at different sources but you have summarised them in the right manner.

    great effort , would recommend it to all windows 7 home and small business users.
    The best part is : it didnt take much time to read it 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot Punit.. i would sure be demonstrating a few at a Future Delhi IT Pro Group Event as well.

    1. Paul download the PDF file for time being..i would look into the issue and would upload another XPS copy if it is corrupted. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Excellent Tips and Tricks. Like it so much. I understand how much efforts and research has been devoted to this nice technical handbook.

    Appreciated sharing such nice knowledge base. Thanks,

    I am posting it on Twitter as well as on Facebook.

    Enjoy !!!!

  4. * Heartiest Congratulations to u 4 Bcuming MICROSOFT’s M.V.P (Most Valuable Person) *

    ~!~ God Bless You Alwayz ~!~

    1. Thanks all for RT-ing and sharing the ebook. Your comments are valuable and would be much helpful for future.

  5. Hello Vasu Jain.My name is Tahir.I live in Pakistan .I read your book Windows 7 Tips & Tricks.It was very good.I like it very much.I wish you to write these books more for us.Thanks.

    1. Dear Tahir Thanks
      although i m not a professional writer..but still i would try to compile posts of mine in another ebook.

  6. There seems to be an issue with the downloading. I get around 80% of the PDF downloaded and then it freezes and times out. Looking forward to reading the whole book though.
    Rich W.

  7. @RichW try using different browser or using a Download Manager like IDM.
    There hasnt been any such issue reported till now.Still if you are not able to download Comment here i would mail you the copy of ebook personally.

  8. Vasu, I am sorry to be a complainer, but I’ve tried and tried to download it and it just won’t do it. I opened a copy of Chrome and it got 4.9Mb of the 5.8Mb and froze. I’ve downloaded much larger files and so I don’t think it’s an issue with my ISP. If you could find another way, ftp or something, I’d be very happy to read it.


  9. vasu bhai,i read your book
    it is so nice for understanding about how to manage and how to work in window 7

    and congratulations 4 MVP awards………keep it up….

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    1. Dear Jarnagin, the book is result of my findings during the last 2 years of my Windows 7 usage since it was in early beta stage.

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