There has been recent cyber attacks on Google. Google & many other large IT Giants too facing such kind of attacks where their confidential data to fall into the hands of well-organized intruders. According to Microsoft, the exploit is made possible due to IE6: "At this time, we are aware of limited, targeted attacks attempting to use this vulnerability against Internet Explorer 6. We have not seen attacks against other versions of Internet Explorer.Newer versions of Internet Explorer and later Windows releases are at reduced risk to the exploit we have seen .Under the “Mitigating Factors” heading, the Microsoft Security Response Center specifically notes that the exploit used in this case does not run under IE7 and IE8 in Windows Vista or Windows 7. You’ve got one extra layer of protection if you use IE8, even under Windows XP Service Pack 3, thanks to Data Execution Prevention, which is enabled by default.


I found this IE vs Windows : Exploit chart  @ ZDnet Blogs  which shows how much safe is your computer while using the combination of different versions of Windows & Internet Explorer.@ ZDnet Blogs quotes "IE6 users, it’s time to move on. Your IT staff has had more than three years to come up with alternatives to IE6. If they can’t handle it, maybe it’s time to replace them, too."

3 thoughts on “How much safe is Internet Explorer ?”

  1. Or you could install a browser designed with security in mind.

    The exploit can be modified to work on both IE 7 & IE 8 and DEP can be side stepped, the fact that a chart has to be made to try and save face is pretty weak.

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