With the advent of technology, the working scenarios have been shifted and majorly relay on computing. In each field the use of computers have been emphasized and a sector dedicated to IT, itself comprises a major chunk of total number of sectors.

With the heavy usage of computers, people are not just spending hours working on computer, but also are more prone towards many diseases like chronic backpain, Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), stress etc.

On an average a regular computer user performs 50K to 200K keystrokes a day using their computers for several hours.

For those who work on a computer extensively while blogging, chatting, coding etc, Proper workstation layout as well as Proper Posture techniques to minimize risk of developing injuries of the hand/arm, shoulder, neck, and back are recommended. Overuse injuries develop over time, and may set in more quickly if you spend long hours sitting at a computer at home, as well as at work.

Here are some correct postures which should be used while using a computer to reduce stress and other ill effects.


How to type on a Keyboard



How to use a Mouse


Ideal Adjustments of a computer chair

Follow these tips while working on a computer to reduce the risks of associated diseases significantly. Stay Healthy !

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