A lot of Websites these days adding Keyboard shortcuts to their websites. Keyboard shortcuts provide access to different arena of a website with fewer clicks. Facebook (no Intro required for what it does and what it is), too have some Keyboard shortcuts that you can use on your Facebook profile to navigate around.

As like Google, Facebook too has become a Verb lately in casual conversation. Here is the list of the Keyboard shortcuts that you can use on Facebook :

Navigate to Facebook page and login to your account. Click on any empty space on the pace before you try these shortcuts.

1: Alt+1 or Alt+Shift+1 take you to the homepage of Facebook.
2: Alt+2 or Alt+Shift+2 to your profile page.
3: Alt+3 or Alt+Shift+3 opens your friend requests tab. (On I.E click enter to display)
4: Alt+4 or Alt+Shift+4 opens your messages tab. (On I.E click enter to display)
5: Alt+5 or Alt+Shift+5 shows your notifications tab. (On I.E click enter to display)
6: Alt+6 or Alt+Shift+6 opens edit account page.
7: Alt+7 or Alt+Shift+7 opens privacy settings page.
8: Alt+8 or Alt+Shift+8 takes you to official Facebook page.
9: Alt+9 or Alt+Shift+9 takes you to terms and conditions page.
10: Use right and left navigation keys to navigate photos.
11: Alt+? should take you to the Facebook search box.
12: Ctrl +W to close the tab.

These shortcuts works best with Firefox and Chrome. If you like to add a few more shortcuts, comment here to let us know.

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