IE9 the latest web browser version from Microsoft was made available to public around less than a month ago. this nextGen browser however does not supports Windows XP. Although IE9 will definitely be losing its share of market due to this strategy, the team IE have their justifications for the same. WE summed up the reasons why XP is out of the picture for IE9.

  • IE9 uses the Direct2D feature of DirectX which is available only in Windows 7, Vista SP2 & Server 2008 R2, not in XP.
  • Windows XP users have a fast, safe, reliable and private browser in IE8 that IE9 doesn’t provide for XP.
  • IE 9 requires the modern graphics and security underpinnings that have come since 2001, which XP lacks.
  • IE9 is intended to be run on a modern OS in order to build on the latest hardware and OS innovations.
  • IE9 require a discrete graphics card and prefer multiple cores. Such things didn’t exist in XP.

IE9 has been the only browser amongst the major ones which have discarded support for XP. If browsers like Firefox, Chrome will provide the same features which IE9 is providing without trimming support for Windows XP, MSFT will once again find themselves lagging in the Browser Wars.

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One thought on “Why XP is kept out of picture for IE9”

  1. Since one month, after release of IE9, this qn is there??
    But nw after reading this article of urs…the qn is no more..
    Thanks for sharing this article…Vasu..

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