When was the last time we reported of Yahoo? It was late in 2010 when Yahoo messenger made a Buzz. ? Yahoo this time has made it here by offering a wide platform for developers.  Known as YDN, Yahoo! Developer Network is Yahoo!’s site for developers, where it provides a free access to its collection of web services which are also known as Yahoo! Web APIs and multiple software development resources.

Yahoo! Web Services available at Yahoo! Developer Network enable application developers and researchers to integrate Yahoo!’s internet content and services with their content and applications. You need to have an Application ID in order to use the Yahoo! Web Services.

As the guidelines set by Yahoo:

  • Before accessing the Yahoo! Web Services, you will need to get an Application ID. Information collected on the Application ID page may be used by Yahoo! to contact you if there is a problem with your application. You will be asked to provide a Yahoo! ID and an optional alternate email address for contacting you.
  • Access to the Web Services is rate-limited based upon the user’s IP address. Yahoo! logs IP addresses for each Web Service during a 24-hour period on a per-IP basis in order to determine the number of API calls made by an IP address during a specific window of time.
  • If you wish, you may download a free Software Developer’s Kit containing libraries and examples in various languages to help you get started on your applications. Yahoo! logs the number of downloads made from the site.

The set of API’s include API like:


Join the development at

Details :

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