Usenet is a worldwide distributed Internet discussion system developed by Duke University graduate students Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis in 1980. Users read and post messages (called articles or posts, and collectively termed news) to one or more categories, known as newsgroups. Usenet resembles a bulletin board system (BBS) in many respects, and is the precursor to the various Internet forums that are widely used today.

While Usenet might not command the spotlight, it’s been quietly flourishing for many years.
Whether you’re looking to discuss an obscure technical issue or download the latest build from an open source project, you’ll find virtually anything you’re looking for on Usenet (Over 800 Terabytes of user uploads are available to download). And the best part is that it’s all done safely and securely over a 256-bit SSL connection to a commercial grade server cluster with download speeds as fast as your internet connection will allow.


Binverse is one of the premier Usenet providers in the U.S. Binverse provides Usenet access along with their all-in-one software that makes searching and downloading from Usenet fast and easy.

We are happy to provide a couple of free Premium Binverse Usenet accounts to giveaway to all WindowsVJ users. Each account comes with 50GB of high speed downloads and no expiration date. So you have as long as you need to use up the 50GB.

Rules to participate in the Giveaway:

We are giving away 2 Licenses of Premium Binverse Usenet accounts worth $25each. To participate and win a license of this super cool account, follow the simple rules given below:

1. Follow us on Twitter or like our Page on Facebook. (Do any of the one, if you do all, your efforts will be highly appreciated.)

2. RT about this contest or Share about it on your Facebook profile with your friends. You may use the sharing widget appearing at the end of this post.

3. Subscribe to our email newsletter and verify your subscription. You may use the option available in the sidebar.

4. Add a comment below stating why you need this account. This will confirm your participation in the giveaway.

5. If you have a blog or a member of an active forum, do write a post about this contest andshare its URL here while commenting. (We have 1 license separately reserved for this).

Contest will run till [15th November 2011]. Winners will be announced thereafter.

Winners may check the comment section for the results after 15th Nov 2011 !!

For more information on Binverse see:

For more information on Usenet see:

13 thoughts on “Giveaway and Review: Binverse, Usenet access Provider”

  1. Thank you so much for offering this up for grab.
    I would like to win a license. I’m an IT student and would like to try new applications and files which will be available on this site as soon as possible.

  2. I am a download freak & used to download from torrent & other file sharing sites. I am not satisfied with the capping of speed & features they provide. From this forum, I heard of Binverse for the first time in my life. It would be a bliss to win an account of Binverse.

    I am already subscribed to this rocking blog & have shared this post in my facebook-

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