Windows 8 has mixed opinions at the moment. While many appreciate the new look, others find the double interface system a drag. Yet, Windows 8 is pretty much about touchscreen devices from start to finish. Microsoft has taken time to create something that’s amazing. Although it’s not out as yet, it’s still the main talk in town. There’s a lot to look forward to on Windows 8 tablets.

Running On ARM, Intel and AMD Chips
Windows 8 runs on x86 based Intel and AMD machines and also has the capacity to run on ARM-based hardware. Apple and Android tablets run on the same kind of hardware. Plenty of interesting kits can be expected after the release of Windows 8. If things go according to the plan, Windows 8 for ARM tablets and Windows 8 for x86 PCs should be launched together. One of the test beds for the new ARM-based tablets is the Tegra 3 chip by Nvidia. Microsoft has partnered with Nvidia to bring in high performance to Windows 8. The only issue here is that the ARM-based Windows 8 won’t really have any desktop apps except Metro apps, thus, rumors suggest that only a few tablets will be launched.

The New Metro Interface
Windows 8 tablets will have a brilliant interface called Metro. This interface is just like the Windows Phone 7. Advanced, smooth, vibrant, the whole experience has been totally transformed, while the power, elasticity and connectivity stay perfect. Even thought Metro is mainly designed and optimized keeping touch in mind, it works remarkably with a mouse and keyboard as well. This gives users the ability to use the device they prefer, the peripherals they opt to use and run the different apps their crazy about. This in-turn, will lead to a new generation of hardware and software. When it comes to portrait orientation, the Windows 8 tablets demonstrated so far have been in landscape.

Tablet Desktop
The new ARM version Windows 8 tablets have the Metro interface and the traditional desktop. However, only third-party Metro apps are allowed. The windows desktop and known apps like Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, Windows Live and Office. All the other apps will be Metro.

Start Menu
Windows 8 doesn’t have a Start button or Start Orb as it’s known. The start button is replaced with the new Metro Interface. Microsoft might face a small repercussion with this, yet, Microsoft stand by the Start Menu decision made in Windows 8.

Windows App Store
The web will be moved with different app development and Microsoft is sure about that. So much so, that a Windows Store has been created with entrances that are manufacturer specific. In-fact, apps play in huge role in Windows 8. Several Metro apps will be pre-installed on Windows 8, which deal with elements like messaging, calendar, SkyDrive, mail, photos, videos, people, music and a camera. The apps will be in the Windows Phone Metro style, while some apps like messaging may include mobile aspects like SMS support.

Tablet Display
Windows 8 happily supports a 10.1-inch tablet display along with a 291dpi. The new iPad has 265 dpi. Thus, tablet display with HD resolution will be a standard feature offered by Windows 8 tablets. Everything displayed by this OS will be totally awesome.

High End Support
Windows 8 is a high end operating system. Nvidia has joined hands with Microsoft knowing the fact that Windows 8 has a lot to offer and a long way to go. This new Microsoft creation is completely trusted by Nvidia and several others for that matter. Motorola is ready to use Windows 8 as its main platform. There are vendors who don’t mind moving away from Android and opting for Windows 8. Windows 8 has many supporters and that stand by it, knowing that it an amazing innovation that will change many things.

Tablet Manufacturers
At Microsoft’s Build conference, a Samsung tablet with Windows 8 OS was shown. HP also intends to make Windows 8 tablets. Windows 8 has a lot of potential and that’s something Dell agrees to, after checking out the amazing capabilities in Windows 8 Beta. Dell has opted to use Windows 8 in its new tablets that will be launched during the second or third half of this year. Nokia has also planned to release a Widows 8 tablet towards the end of this year, or the start of 2013, as it considers it to be an incredible opportunity.
Nokia intends to create a tablet that can fight head to head with the iPad. Asus will sell its Windows 8 tablets in the third quarter of 2012. There are many manufacturers that will design window 8 tablets for business proposes.

Price Tag
It is obvious that Windows 8 and iPads, Android tablets along with Chrome OS netbooks will fight to be the strongest. They have to be priced in the best way possible in-order to sell, as the options of style and features and performance will come head to head.

Windows 8 is definitely the new buzz that consumers as well as manufacturers are waiting for. It does have a lot to offer and a Windows 8 tablets will probably overtake all their rivals. However, too much shouldn’t be expected at the moment, as when Windows 8 tablets are finally out, they won’t be appreciated that much. One thing’s for sure, Windows 8 is here to stay and Windows 8 tablets are going to be totally remarkable and extreme.
About the author: Brianne Walter is a blogger who also happens to be a tech freak. She loves spending on tech stuff and is a gadget freak who like to write articles on latest gadgets like Samsung Omnia W smartphone, hp envy 17 etc.

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  2. You obviously dont own a Windows tablet. I have both and ipad 2 and a Samsung Series 7. Both have 64GB and 3G. The Samsung tablet running Windows 8 Preview, runs circles around the ipad to the point only my kids use it because it currently has more games. I cant wait for tablets that are DESIGNED for Windows 8.

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