I was one of those who were hosting Windows 7 Launch party. It was a great experience for one and all. Al guests were really excited about the launch of this OS. Enjoy Party details & Pics :

Party Details:

Venue : My House @ Meerut for House Party

Date : 18th Oct 2009

Timings : 4:30 P.M to 7 P.M.

Guest List :

Vasu Myself (the Host), Saurabh (Career Launcher Faculty), Sambhav (Civil Engineer – Petrons), Priyanka (Faculty-Computer Science Engg), Mallika (Student – Enggineering), Abhishek (Media Manager – Meerut), Sudesh (Supervisor – Firm), Rishabh (Student – high School), Ritu (Student – Intermediate).

Activities Planned:

  • Friends Welcome
  • Welcome Drink & Snacks
  • Overview about Windows 7
  • Theme : Home user
  • Hands on by Guests over my Dell studio on Windows 7 Ultimate (the Siggy Edition)
  • Fun Activity : Puzzle
  • Goodies Distribution to Guests (Saved 2 Tote Bags,1 Guest missing .. Yippy)
  • Pack up my Party Pack


   DSC01638  DSC01640

   Windows 7 Launch Party Pack Windows 7     Windows 7 Ultimate Signature Edition

   DSC01667    DSC01671

Windows Desktop Wallpaper Poster   Just after i tucked the poster up in my room

DSC01674  Pre party preparations, all stuff scattered over bed.Including the Tote Bags,napkins,Launch party Letter, Puzzle pack, Center Piece, Windows 7 Ultimate x86 as well as x64 edition DVD.

 DSC01682       DSC01687

Saurabh was the first one to arrive. He wanted to check out Tote bag and wanted one before even the party starts.

 DSC01681     DSC01699

Checking out the Windows 7 Ultimate Disc.    Together with Sudesh 2nd Attendee & Saurabh

DSC01701      DSC01703

Lets have a pic in front of WP first Samy said, and this is one of the rarest moment after my college since we had a pic togather.Later on trying to check out the features as well. Amongst the guests he was the most familiar with Windows 7. Has been seeing the PreBeta,Beta,RC,RTM with me and using that as well. Infact being a regular reader of WindowsVJ he also applied for HouseParty.               

  DSC01670       DSC01747

Fatest Finger first.Having a fun quotient. Winner will grab another Tote bag, although we could not have any one claiming that. Ritu,Rishabh trying to solve the Jigsaw Puzzles.

18102009468 [640x480]     18102009469 [640x480] 

Enjoying the drinks, me Sambhav. Priyanka still glued to her tote bag. Cheers ! me and samy.

DSC01684    DSC01706 

Saurabh especially liked the jumplists in Windows 7, while super taskbar was one of the most liked feature by all Guests.

DSC01668     DSC01692

Mallika & Sudesh with their tote Bags, that’s the best part of party Sudesh said.Although a few one wished to have a detailed demo of Windows 7 later on as well.

DSC01749      DSC01763

Rishab with his Tote Bag. Abhishek holding it next to the Windows 7 Poster. Abhishek was the only guest at the party who was as ready as like me to give a demo of new features of Windows 7. Has been using Beta and RC version of Windows 7. He appreciates the inclusion of most of the drivers, he further quoted i “My driver cds are accumulating Dust” since i am using Windows 7.

DSC01750   DSC01757   

After the Demo of Windows 7, Rishab, Ritu sharing some fun moments in the party. On table is Dell studio 15 with Windows 7 Ultimate.


Although its not going to be just one i hosted there is one going to be in my Office as well as while other at My hometown too.Keep checking here to get invitees for the next Event.

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