At Professional Developers Conference 2009, Ray Ozzine, Chief Software Architect at Microsoft, announced Preview of Seesmic, a Twitter Client built on Adobe Air Platform for Windows. Multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook updates appear together in one single, easy-to-follow column.

Various Features of Seesmic are :

  • Ability to manage multiple Twitter accounts
  • Retweet Feature with a single Click
  • URL Shorter next to Tweet Textbox that make posting long URLs much easy
  • User Timeline, Replies and Direct messages can be seen at a same time,to add to it it can also add columns of Other twitter account as well.
  • Twitter lists can be viewed in Columns more than one list at a time.Create and save searches
  • Multiple functionality Over a Twitter User’s Tweet like Retweet,Reply,Direct Message
  • Faster performance
  • Auto Refresh for updates
  • User profile can be viewed in a different panel which is bigger & better
  • Drag & Drop facility for Pictures



Although its in preview but still a very promising Twitter client. We found it one of the best so far to manage multiple accounts and it works with Facebook as well.

Download here :

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