twitonMSNNow tweets can be sent and received via  MSN messenger as well. There’s a bot twitonMSN which integrates an API into twitter account and link it to your msn messenger account. To setup this bot follow the steps :

  • Visit  TwitonMSN and add a contact name to your MSN Messenger. The contact is an automated bot which when you log in to your MSN messenger will allow you to connect to Twitter.
  • Just type into MSN Messenger’s chat window whatever you want to. A simple message as in the one shown in the image above is posted as a tweet.
  • The bot also keeps sending you every single tweet on to your messenger chat window.
  • It supports following an username, replying to a tweet and also Retweet. If you drag and drop a picture file into the chat the image is then posted along with a tweet.
  • Even sending a direct message is possible by typing it in the following format “d username content” .
  • For a comprehensive command list type in “commands” and for help type in “help”. pic

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3 thoughts on “Get and Send tweets from MSN Messenger”

  1. I deleted my twitter account some weeks ago, but I’m sure this article will be usefull to many people.

    Thank you:-)

  2. @leofelix theres a way to restore ur deleted twitter a/c as well.. u cn claim for recovery wth 6 months..
    btw Twitter is kind of thing to keep.. you would surely be missing a lot w/o it

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