WinZip, is the latest software utility for file compression, encryption, extraction and sharing to adopt Microsoft Office 2010-style ribbon interface in their latest release. The latest version 14.5 of WinZip has the new UI in the software package which also includes special features just for Windows 7 users. Specifically, the new WinZip supports libraries, jump lists, explorer preview, touch screen input, multi-touch gestures and more. And I could not find such features in the other compressing utility I use ,  WinRar.[4]

CNET says the ribbon is “the most radical change to the program” in their review, noting that it makes the program instantly recognizable to Office users and helps to highlight the advanced features in a way where users can finally locate them. However, if you’re anti-ribbon, the Classic interface is still available under “Options.”



The new WinZip is available for the price ($29.95) which is probably a little too high but with this price comes a pretty attractive compression utility.

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4 thoughts on “Now WinZip adopts Office-Style Ribbon Interface”

  1. Sure it gives a new look, but some will find little difficult to jump to the new interface and some even dont like microsoft words.

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