Sometimes a requirement for converting a PowerPoint presentation as a movie occurs to export the presentation. PowerPoint 2010 comes with a lot of handy features and one of such feature is export presentations as movies while maintaining all effects and animations. The videos exported will be in Microsoft’s proprietary WMV format. However the videos can be exported in different resolutions keeping in mind the need to transfer the same over bandwidth restricted channels or on portable handheld devices. Videos can be exported in three predefined resolutions:

  1. Computers or HD screens (960×720)

  2. Internet or DVD (640×480)

  3. Portable media devices (320×240)

To convert and save a PowerPoint presentation as a Video :

1. Navigate to Backstage view of PowerPoint.

2. Select Save & Send option from the File menu.

3. Select Create a Video  in File Types .


4. Seconds to spend on each slide can also be set while Creating a Video .


5. Press Create Video button to start the Video generation . image

6. Video creation progress can be monitored in the status bar .


7. Finally presentation is ready to export as a Video .


A snapshot of Presentation turned Video being played in a Media Player.

This feature is one which was demanded since long time and although a third party plug-in can always do the needful but doing it from the PowerPoint menu eases the things more.

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