Opera mini 5, web browser specially designed for Mobile devices, if i would have to describe it in a single word it would be ‘AWESOME’.

An awesome, fast and better than all its previous version of Opera Mini series . I have been using opera mini since its version 3 i.e opera mini 3 and i must say that Opera mini don’t disappoint me after releasing of its each new version. But before going to tell you about its pros and cons let me discuss first its features and will see why Opera mini 5 has become the world fastest mobile browser in the world (according to me).

Followings are the some of the additional features from its previous version:

1) Fast Mobile Browser Ever Seen: This Opera Mini 5 is remarkably faster than its all previous versions. You can simply feel the speed while browsing the different sites.

2) One click Access to Web through Speed Dial: You can access to your favourite site directly through speed dial. This facility was also there in Opera Mini’s previous version but number of speed dials was only 9 in its previous versions. Now you can add up to 30 web sites as a speed dial.

3) Data Compression: Unlike its previous versions, Opera Mini 5 compresses webpages up to 90% which directly reduces the data cost and save your money on phone bill.

4) Multiple TABs : Undoubtedly one of the best feature in Opera mini 5.Now you have a facility to open more than one window at a time, which save your time drastically .Now you don’t have to wait for opening of one site. In the mean time, you can also open as many site as you want by using this multiple TABs facility. It really feels like that you are browsing through your desktop or notebook PC.

Apart from this, its others features like auto completion of URL, scroll and zooming facility to read large web page, finding something in web page ,bookmark, downloads etc are almost the same as in its previous versions with some improvisation in performance.


1) While opening of any web page, Opera Mini 5 doesn’t give any information of data usage unlike its previous version. You don’t get any information that how much data transaction is taking place while opening of any web page.

One more point, which i felt a there is scope of improvisation. In this version, you have to do lots of navigation for Exiting from its application. There was less navigation for the same in case of its previous version.

Opera mini also helps to access secure sites and rich sites using Java content and other multimedia content. As many of sites use the secure connection, and earlier Opera Mini’s series wasn’t able to open it. But Opera Mini 5 overcomes this problem and successfully opening such websites. However a limited Read only functionality would be there for a few sites like IBM Lotus Notes which is a Mail Server used in corporates also user credentials for secure sites are not saved for secure sites unlike BOLT browser.

There are lot many things to try, so if you guys get any result of this, then please share your outcome.

Download Opera mini 5 Free on your mobile:

http://www.opera.com/mobile/ or m.opera.com.

Guest Post Written by Manish Sharma, a Tech enthusiast and an IT Guy.

Post Edited &Modified by Vasu Jain.

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