An Excel hyperlink gives the reader quick access to related information in another file or on a Web page. In addition to being able to insert hyperlinks into cells, you can also insert them into specific chart elements. Links usually open web pages, but they can also lead to pictures, email addresses or programs. The hyperlink itself can be text or a picture.

To create a Hyperlink in Excel :

1. Select the object where you want to create a hyperlink. This object can be a cell, an object (such as a picture or an element in a chart) or text.


2. Click Insert > Links > Hyperlink.


3. The shortcut for inserting a hyperlink is ctrl-k. Excel gives us the option of selecting the following as a destination for our link: (Very similar to creating hyperlinks in Microsoft Expression Web)

  • an existing file or web page
  • a location in the current workbook
  • a new document
  • an email address


These options work in almost the same way.

4. To insert a hyperlink to a web page, Click the Existing File or Web Page button and you should see something like this:


5. In the top box you can type some descriptive text for the link (Anchor Text) . Also, you can click the screentip button and type in some text to supplement anchor text.


Type the URL of the web page you want to link to, in the address box at the bottom of the window.

6. Here’s an example of a link to a web page, the URL of the web page appears as hover text when you hover over it.


7. If you wish to remove the Hyperlink, it can be removed by right clicking on the link and selecting Remove Hyperlink.


This is how to Add & Remove hyperlink to a webpage in excel.

8. You may also place the hyperlinks in the excel document to any cell reference in any of the Sheet. Press Ok after entering the Cell Reference to hyperlink the object.


9. To hyperlink a cell/object to an email select the email Address Link to option, and enter the email you wish to link your object to.


Press Ok after entering the values to hyperlink the object.

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