Microsoft Press books, e-books, and newsletters can help you gain the technical information you need. Here is a quick summary post of some of recent giveaways at Microsoft Press :

Free ebook: Moving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (DRAFT Preview)

Free ebook: Moving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (DRAFT Preview II)

Code for “Moving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010” DRAFT ebooks

Free ebook: Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

Free ebook: Programming Windows Phone 7 Series (DRAFT Preview) (by Charles Petzold)

Free ebook: Own Your Future: Update Your Skills with Resources and Career Ideas from Microsoft

Free ebook: Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions (Second Edition)

Free ebook: First Look Microsoft Office 2010

Free ebook: Windows 7 troubleshooting tips

Free ebook: Introducing Windows Server 2008 R2

Free ebook: Deploying Windows 7, Essential Guidance

There’s going to be something in that list for you to enjoy, so enjoy !

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