In order to work faster and improve your productivity, here is a compiled list of many shortcuts available in Word 2010.

Key                              Behavior

CTRL+SHIFT+A          Converts the selected text to capital letters or vice versa

CTRL+SHIFT+F            Displays the Font dialog box.

CTRL+SHIFT+G           Displays the Word Count dialog box.

CTRL+SHIFT+S           Displays the Apply Styles task pane.

ALT+R                         Displays the Review tab

ALT+CTRL+1              Apply Heading 1, Similarly ALT + CTRL + 2 will apply heading 2

CTRL+SHIFT+L           Applies Bullets

CTRL+SHIFT+F5         Bookmark

CTRL + B                     Bold Text

CTRL + I                      Italic Text

CTRL + U                    Underline Text


CTRL+E                      Navigate to the center Paragraph


CTRL+SHIFT+C          Copy Format

ALT+SHIFT+F7          Dictionary

ALT+CTRL+S             Splits the Document

CTRL+SHIFT+D         Double Underline

CTRL+END                End of Document

END                           End of line

CTRL+SHIFT+P          Font size select

SHIFT+F5                   Go Back to previous state

ALT+CTRL+Z             Go Back to previous state

CTRL+SHIFT+.           Grow Font

CTRL+]                      Grow Font one point

ALT+SHIFT+R           Header Footer Link

CTRL+K                     Hyperlink

CTRL+M                    Indentation

CTRL+J                      Justifies Paragraph

ALT+F8                     Inserts Macros

ALT+SHIFT+K          Mail Merge Check

F10                           Menu Mode

ALT+F7                    Moves to the Next Misspelling

CTRL+H                   Replace

CTRL+P                    Print

CTRL+SHIFT+F12    Also launches Print

F12                           Save As

CTRL+SHIFT+K        Small Caps

CTRL+SHIFT+S        Style

SHIFT+F7                 Thesaurus

ALT+SHIFT+T          Time Field

CTRL+SHIFT+M       Unindent

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