Windows Seven has turned one year older today. To celebrate the anniversary of Launch of Windows 7, we are pleased to announce that is providing a Giveaway of one Original Genuine Windows 7 Ultimate License, One original License of Windows 7 Professional and One original License of Windows 7 Home Premium edition  worth over 500 US $.


To enter the contest all you need to do is Comment here with your favorite feature of Windows 7 and how it changed your Computing Life.  However, to maximize the chances you may also practice the following :

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Winners will be announced on 04/11/10. Stay Tuned and keep visiting

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60 thoughts on “Giveaway : Win Windows 7 Ultimate licenses & other Goodies worth over 500 US $”

  1. My favourite feature in Window 7 is the new taskbar: I love it because my desktop is now cleanier and with its “Areo Peek” I can switch faster between applications when several other windows are open.

    Windows 7, a new multitasking computing life!

  2. Beautiful graphic, and it is easy to create sticky notes in Windows 7 on your desktop, you can adjust color based on the importance. I have many things to remember, so this app helps me a lot.
    1/Subscribed to Windowsvj
    2/Be fan of Windowsvj
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    Thank you for organizing this giveaway,
    Please count me in

  3. Windows 7 has completely replaced Windows Vista for me. When I’m using Vista I find myself trying to use the windows 7 shortcut keys, and becoming annoyed when they don’t work. The OS is decently fast, and has some great features. Windows 7 is a large improvement over vista, and I’m sure many Microsoft customers will be happy to stop using vista.

    Windows 7 can sit back and enjoy the benefits. Far fewer applications need to run as administrator after the flood of complaints generated by UAC, so Windows 7 can offer less-intrusive options. By popular demand, you’ll always be prompted for changes to the level of UAC, which itself runs as a high-integrity process (so it’s hard for malware to change settings), but you can choose between seeing notifications for all changes or just applications. This makes UAC less irritating, leaving it to do what it does best: protect you from malware targeting Internet Explorer.

    i have shared it in twitter :

    also subscribed to newsletter

    hope to win this


  4. Hi Windowsvj Admin..:)

    This is very great giveaway. Thanks for giving the opportunity to win Windows 7 license. I have read a lot of article reviews about windows 7. Comparing with windows vista, windows 7 ultimate is far better. The features such as Jump List, Shake, Peek and Snap are great. Windows 7 ultimate, which adds another set of features to the operating system that is not included in Vista such as Windows XP mode will allow to install and run many of applications for Windows XP directly from Windows 7-based PC. This mode is indeed very useful to install old software, which is not compatible in Windows 7 even in compatibility mode. Other features such as encrypting the file system and presentation mode will be very useful compared to Vista. With such great value, I would appreciate if you could count me in.
    1. I’ve subscribed to windowsvj newsletter and activated it.
    2. Become a fan on windowsvj facebook and shared it:
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  5. Very glad to know about this action to obtain the key for Windows 7 Ultimate, because Now I have a pirated copy, and of course want to have genuine software. $ 500 for Uzbekistan is a huge amount of money and I can not ever buy such a huge amount of money.
    I sat on the Windows XP – and it’s really a great operating system, and only recently moved to Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and terribly happy – so many new features and work even easier and easier. Microsoft programmers did not knowingly receive money for their work. I have always admired Bill Gates and strive to become the same as he did.
    I really liked the search – instant – it is a miracle. Can be recorded on an optical disc, even without the program Nero.
    Together with friends we create music and convert videos from one format to another – so that Windows 7 Ultimate is what I need.
    Can be long to enumerate all the delights of the new operating system Windows 7 Ultimate – not enough lines – it’s a miracle!
    I became a fan of Windows on Facebook.
    And I ReTweet your post at his page:
    https: / / / #! / Solanchik/status/28494115989
    And of course some more posts – which I liked – I give them here: #! / Solanchik/status/28494452826 #! / Solanchik/status/28494689472 #! / Solanchik/status/28494672037
    And of course I hope to win it Windows 7 Ultimate. This is my most important dream.
    Thank you so much for what you have and only stayed all hope on you, because I repeat myself not to overpower buy a licensed product.

  6. Well Windows 7 is the best windows after XP . Reliable, Fast and versatile.

    Most good feature is that it is low on memory. Even on a normal PC features of Windows 7 can be seen

    Other Features which i like the most is good themes feature and slide-show of wallpapers. I love it.

    All in all its the best windows Microsoft have ever come out with.

  7. Firstly, congrats on organizing this gr8 giveaway. 🙂

    I’m using Windows 7 since its RC release and found it best, very fast, impressive GUI and most stable OS made by MS till date.

    Features I liked most in Win7:

    1. Taskbar (Superbar) looks awesome, pinning and jumplists r useful.
    2. Aero snap & Aero peek r cool.
    3. Official Windows 7 themes r amazing & simple to use.
    4. UAC and Parental controls r improved.
    5. Windows XP mode
    6. Compatible with almost all applications & software’s.
    7. Aero works gr8 w/o consuming much resources.

    Windows 7 is truly special, that’s why it has been adopted by more than 10% of PCs worldwide with 240+ million licenses sold in just 1 year. Do try it now if you haven’t!

    I’ve completed all steps and hoping to win this giveaway.

  8. I Like Windows 7 backup tool because i find it convenient to automatically backup my important data to usb or external hard drive and keep my files safe.

    Thank you.

  9. Although its not at all easy to choose only one single feature to say as my favorite, the best thing in Windows 7 is windows 7 itself and to choose one I randomly name SuperBar, which allows me pinning, quicklaunch, notification, application preview, aero peek, and the one I use most “Show desktop”.
    Now I am so much spoiled by this superbar that I feel weird using XP and constantly click on lower right corner in hope that it’l show desktop to me…Lol!/permalink.php?story_fbid=170136919666910&id=1814867048

    1. @UG same here…. going back to XP feels u r handicapped… and i miss W7 during my Office hours as much as other W7-addict.

  10. my favorite feature in windows 7 is probably the way it handles system RAM so efficiently. I never upgraded to vista though I installed a test copy a couple of times. I’m glad I have windows 7 to lean on when XP reaches end-of-product lifecycle. Its an awesome OS. And of course, I find myself using XP mode quite often so that’s a very welcome feature.

  11. Windows 7 is just as low as XP resources consuming. Win7 got brilliant Aero interface & fast to excute programs. The buildin burning ISO images is the best & advance for all windows. The best thing is no need to worry/find device drivers as Win7 can install all for you. Win 7 will probably supersede XP to become the best Windows in Microsoft history.

    Please count me in for the fabulous giveaway.
    I have already liked & shared & become fd in FaceBook & retweet in Twitter.
    Here’s my tweet:

  12. I come from the Indonesian state really impressive to me, if can get a license windows 7.
    I now use windows vista but I still feel less in terms of look and peformanya.

  13. First congratulation for arranged this great giveaway.
    I love windows7 because

    1. Support Windows XP mode
    2. Nice GUI
    3. Good Aero effect
    4. Reliable & Fast.
    5. Application preview
    6. Support almost all software.

    My tweet –!/OtrivinBlog/status/28570416283
    Faceboook Profile –
    Already subscribe using this email.
    Digg –
    Retweet –!/WindowsVJ/status/12780657768

    Hope I win key.

    Forget to include facebook links. Sorry for double post.

  14. Thanks for great great giveaway.
    I used XP for years & didn’t upgrade to Vista, just to wait for this fabulous Windows.It’s so stable & fast excuting programs. The brilliant interface & brand new taskbars makes features accessing so easy. Win7 will be the good successors to Windows XP.

    Please count me in for the contest.
    My tweet:
    I have shared & become fans in FB.
    Retweeted also my favourite “Softwares”.

    Thanks & Regards

  15. Hi and thannks a lot for this nice giveaway!

    The feature I like the most about Win 7 is that you are finally able to share your wireless internetconnection with your smartphone, even if you do not possess a WLAN router.

    As I do not use Facebook, I just subscribed, shared it on Twitter and retweeted your post.

    Best wishes

  16. I can’t believe how much I love the task bar!!! It’s helped me streamline my work and keep everything all in one place.

  17. Hi,
    The best 3 things in windows 7 are : easy , fast and good looking
    please count me in
    Thanks I have done all the steps 🙂

  18. Windows 7 is truly one of the finest porduct from Microsoft after the Windows XP. Win7 has amazing UI, much stable then the Win Vista and a feature to run the application supported in Win XP while using Win7 definitely makes a user to upgrade to this version instantly.

    1. I have subscribed to the email updates
    2. retweeted about the post
    3. following WinVJ on twitter as well
    4. done with facebook like as well

    hope to get a Win 7 ultimate copy … thanks for the nice giveaway …

  19. The best thing I like about Windows 7 is its
    1. Unclutterred interface and
    2. Ease of access.
    The UAC is also less intrusive and the improved Parental control is a boon for me.
    And the Snipping Tool is my favourite ! 🙂

  20. the first time I saw my friend show off the aero feature to me I was stunned, it looks very good and very different from windows vista, other features of Windows 7 that I like is the UAC because it can monitor any application that will be installed on the computer, because the computer that I use also used by other people 😀

  21. Super Giveaway !
    Please count me in.
    1. XP mode makes it convenient integration of software staus.
    2. DitectX 11 makes full 3D features of games & video.
    3. Auto Installation of all devices drivers.
    4. Performance. Windows 7 starts fast, resume from suspension fast, runs fast.
    5. New taskbar makes me easy & quickly access to my favorite programs.
    6. HomeGroup for sharing files and printers made achievable on my home network.
    7. Aero snap & beautiful themes making the whole interfce so flashing.
    I have alos subscribed to your newsltter & share /become fans in FaceBook. ( )

    Thanks & Regards

  22. Hi,

    I used to borrowing my brother’s laptop in which has been empowered with Windows 7. So far what I like the most are its Superbar, Aero things, and Windows XP mode. Those are features I find and do not find in my current Windows XP.

    I have become a subscriber and your Fan on Facebook
    and retweet this giveaway

    I also retweeted the fake MSE article


  23. Hi Vasu,

    Thanks for conducting a giveaway of three different product editions of such a great OS..

    I have been a Win XP user…and only heard of Win 7 features a lot from many articles…
    From all the articles, wht I can say…abt the favourite feature would be the
    “Memory Management”…by ensuring fast start up…n shutdown…for each app…

    I also wish to enter into the Windows 7 Community from the Windows XP winning a Genuine
    “Windows 7 Ultimate/Professional/Home Premium” license…

    Hoping to win a license for me…

    Thanks and Regards,
    PS:- 1. Subscribes to “WindowsVJ” Newsletter.
    2. Became a fan @ FB
    N also re-tweeted..the tweet link is here,
    3. Shared my favourite post tweet link here,

  24. first of all, I love the 3D & graphical features, & then flexibility, you can almost do whatever you want!!
    you know what, it’s windows XP good feature mixed with whatever I want
    thanX anyway

  25. Thanx for the great giveaway!
    And for the Windows 7 Tips & Tricks e-book!

    Win7 features that will change my computing life, once I get on Win7 for good (have only tried it out), include:
    A. Taskbar, will allow me to do things I needed workarounds or 3party tools to do previous versions.
    B. Aero features, will get little things done fast and with no hassle.
    C. Libraries, hunting stuff all over the HDD will be over.
    D. Network connectivity, no more fruitless troubleshooting.
    All this will come with some very nice eye-candy and flexebility on various levels.

    So, please accept my entry.

    Thanx again,

  26. Hi Vasu,

    Waiting eagerly for the results…
    I wish to make this diwali…memorable…
    by seeing my name in the winners list…

    Belated Diwali Wishes…Hope u had great time… 🙂

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