Recently while I gave my order for my business Cards the Card printers goofed up and they printed my email id as instead of . To save myself from the pain of tearing all the cards I thought to get a account as well. But getting it was not easy. I was always getting an option to configure only the, and accounts.

To get a account simply click on this link.

Clicking on this link will take you to the page where you may select a language and select the country-specific mail IDs.


After the selection you will be transferred to the page to create a email account.

To create a email ID :

Open from there you will directed to a page At this page you will find an option to Sign up for hotmail which will be directed to to sign up for an email id.

At this page a form will be available. When you will enter your e mail id which you want to create you will see that they are giving that e mail But if you want on you have to click where it is written hotmail and it will provide multiple option to create your e mail on, @,,, and few more, but provides only three option randomly. If you will open from India it will surely provide you an option of and if from Russia it will provide one option as

This way you will get the desired email domain.

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