If you are reading this post and you are a student, Congratulations !! And if you are not, may be you will think of enrolling again after you finish reading this article. Microsoft is offering free software, trial licenses, discounts and resources for Students of most of the Major ranging from Computers to Arts, Mathematics to Psychology.

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Whatever major you have, here are the resources and software’s you can download for free and enhance your academia experience.

Art Majors: There are tools for creating 3D art, visualizations, anime-style graphics, layers, and interesting photo effects. All available here: http://bit.ly/artmajors

Astronomy: Get software to bring imagery from the best ground and space-based telescopes in the world and combining them with 3D navigation or to enjoy the cosmos in a new way: http://bit.ly/Astronomymajors

Biology: a library of commonly-used bioinformatics functions is available for free: http://bit.ly/biologymajors

Business: Grab these tools and climb the success steps toward the Corporate Industry. Get the latest of the Operating Systems and trash the Obsolete ones: http://bit.ly/Businessmajors

Computer Science: My Favorite one, since I am too a Computer Science Grad. Operating System, Servers, Dev kits and more are included in this bundle of over 20 free licenses packs: http://bit.ly/CSmajors

Education (K-12): Everything from lesson plans, software and discounts for junior students: http://bit.ly/Educationmajors

English: Make sure you keep your literature straight and organized. Office tools are available here http://bit.ly/Englishmajors

Game Design: Been playing a lot of games lately? Developed a interest for Games while playing? Game designers can get free XNA, Kodu Lab tools which will help you the make the next Hit game:http://bit.ly/GameDesignsmajors

Political Science: No Arguments just for this on ! Simply visit here and download: http://bit.ly/PoliScimajors

Psychology: The human condition in college is notes, slides, lectures. Be prepared for the challenges in the Psych major with the help of these tools: http://bit.ly/Psychmajors

Mathematics: If Pre-algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Physics, Chemistry, and Calculus were your best friends, you got a few new member in the Gang: http://bit.ly/Mathmajors

Theater Arts/Broadcast Journalism: For all thy theater Students: http://bit.ly/Theatermajors

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