Search engines have evolved rapidly in past few years. The number of features like auto complete or instant search though are helpful sometimes still questionable by majority of users. While studying about search engines recently I cam across, Google Instant’s autocomplete feature, which selects search suggestions based on popular queries.

After querying Google Instant with the names of all 50 states in the U.S. (plus Washington D.C.), a cartoonist Dorothy Gambrell created a map that reflects Google Instant’s first suggestion for each state. Every state on the map is renamed, after sports teams or colleges (think "Minnesota Vikings," "Arizona State University"), some after pieces of legislation ("Missouri Compromise").

Similarly, I have created a map of all 28 states of India that reflects Google Instant’s first suggestion for each state. Most of them though are tourism, educational institution related.

Take a look at "The Indian States of Autocomplete" (below).


However you may have noticed different search results when querying state names for you as the instant search suggestion algorithm is dynamic and dependent on the user input as well. User input like IP address, OS Used, Browser user, IPService Provider, Google Country level domain, past Search history etc affects the search results. In fact even if you log out of Google account there are around 47 signals that you send to Google indirectly that makes a significance in your search.

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