Recently I deactivated my Facebook account for some personal reasons. It was something which was really hard and the addiction to check or spend time surfing Facebook was too compelling, yet I managed to do that somehow. (Did I hear someone patting my back…J )

Life without Facebook, this post summarizes my experiences without Facebook in last couple of days and how I see the future with/without Facebook.

1. Free music is kind of dead: Unless you are a guy with a cap with skulls and bones (typical pirate-wear), you must be using free music providers like Spotify or Saavan (There are some rich people who purchase music quiet often too, but for this case we are considering the others). Spotify/Saavan both use Facebook sign in, where Spotify had made it compulsory to have Facebook account to access Spotify. And here I go stumped, suddenly I lost all the music I had accumulated at Spotify. And though Saavan can be used without Facebook, it is yet to grow to the heights of Spotify and there is no doubt if Facebook wants to partner with Saavan with some funding to enable single sign in using Facebook only, Saavan being a startup would definitely like to embrace the offer.

2. Social networking for Job Search: I am fond of LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Bullhorn for maintaining my professional network and updates regarding new opportunities in my field. One of the days while browsing Glassdoor, I got a message “Sign in with Facebook account” to read more. Fortunately, Glassdoor had login via your credentials apart from Facebook login.

3. Event Invite: This was not the first party/event I missed in last few days. Facebook has evolved as the RSVP de-facto. Organizing a party, create an event and voila you are done.

4. Facebook Applications: developed by you, you lose them as well. Probably it’s a good idea to create a Facebook developers account separately from your personal account.

I believe there is lot more to experience, but one thing is for sure, Facebook has secured a strong place over the web. I still love Facebook and admire the scalable system design they have to handle over 1 Billion accounts. It is undoubtedly one of the best social network that have been around. But I am scared about the path leading the dependency with Facebook, and hope alternates shall be used by web services for consumers who does not want to use Facebook services.

Note: This Post is still under construction might be adding, editing the post with my experiences.

3 thoughts on “Life without Facebook”

  1. life without facebook is very hard. Leaving facebook is very hard, when your some one special is on facebook. I use to deactivate fb account and then reactivate it for no reason. I used to spend a lot of time on facebook but now , i just don’t want because i lost some one whome i used to consider my special friend. I think many people use facebook for maintaining relationship, when we can’t get the cellphone number of some one. Your case is different because you are a tech geek.

    1. Well kind of true that it makes life easier for communication but i am sure its not me its everyone who has become way too dependent on it. P.S. I had to activate my account in 8 days. 🙂

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