Days are gone when you have to take care of wires to charge up an electronic device. Like the way we have reduced the need of wires to connect two electronic devices together using Wireless technologies like Bluetooth, Infrared etc, we soon to have a wireless medium to transfer electrical energy.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers are working on a wireless energy transfer technology that could ensure wireless devices are always charged up and ready to go. This technology has already been rested by the team at MIT, one of the top US academic “laboratories” for new inventions, to power a 60 watt bulb from a power source two meters away. According to Marin Soljacic, a professor of physics at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, "That’s more than enough juice to supply an average laptop". Pr. Soljacic has been working on this project for several years.

The concept behind the technology is based on the fact that two resonant objects on the same resonance frequency can exchange energy efficiently. For this experiment, the MIT team used electromagnetic resonators in the form of copper coils, which oscillated at a certain frequency, trading energy within a given electromagnetic field. One of the coils was attached to a power source. The other acted as a receiver.

The researchers, having proved that the technology dubbed “WiTricity” does work, plan to refine & enhance the technology to make it more efficient, glitch being the communicating range between two devices wont increase much.

Infact, they are pretty much confident they can enhance the system and make it reliable enough so that consumers can cut off power cords and most probably batteries for their laptops or mobile phones too, if they are being used in the same room as the power source.

Although this project is going on for some years now and most of us pretty know it too , but its not being covered here. 🙂

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