For all the Mozilla Firefox lovers, Mozilla has planned to give them taste of each and every feature in bits and bytes. Codenamed Tumucumaque, Mozilla has released yet another beta release of Firefox 4 (Beta 10) towards meeting the final release by end of February 2011. The first beta was made available on July 6, 2010, and since then in almost 7 months we have seen 10 beta updates. The current version (beta 10) was released on January 25, 2011.

Here is the list of changes in this releases:

What’s new in Firefox 4 Beta 10

  • Compatibility and stability improvements when using Adobe Flash on Mac OS X
  • Improvements in memory usage
  • Support for a graphics driver blacklist to improve stability

Assuming this as second last beta piece of the FireFox before Mozilla shells out the final release, we may see the development of Alphas and Betas of this build over last one year. There will be another beta i.e. Firefox 4 Beta 11 before the Final version.


With IE9 RC around the corner, the browser war is likely to heat up again.

Download the latest beta of Firefox 4  Firefox 4 Beta

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