Download Free Pocket Dictionary for Windows Mobile

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Windows Mobile users can download free Dictionaries for Windows Mobile phone. 1. Pocket Dictionary 2.5 is a free Dictionary for Windows Mobile containing 20 dictionaries with more than 2.5Million words. Download : Source : 2. WordNet is an online lexical reference system whose design is inspired by current […]

Enjoy Shootout on your Windows Mobile using ShootMe Utility

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ShootMe! is a funny app/game for windows mobile phones. It simulates several weapons/gadgets using your phone’s built-in accelerometer/g-sensor or touchscreen. It’s an "all-in-one" app. There are other apps that simulate shotguns or light sabres or even boxing, but why would have to pay for each one? ShootMe! has all of […]

VJ Appz : Mobile Number Tracker

Published on : “Mobile Number Tracker” is a simple standalone utility that can help you find a few important information related to a Mobile Number. This utility takes input first four digit of any Mobile number (India Only) and tracks the Service operator as well as Service area. This not just narrows […]

Download Right Click Context Menu Extender for Windows 7

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Right-Click Extender is a freeware utility which allows you to add some important items to the right click context menu. By the help of this utility you can extend the options in Right click context menu which offers lesser clicks for geeks & day-to-day users. Right-Click Extender will allow you […]

Change Windows 7 Start Button

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Remember the old good XP days when you can easily change the start button and replace the button with a string of your choice. This trick was made successful using a tool Resource Hacker and was discovered by well known MVP Vishal Gupta. Now with Windows 7 as well start […]